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Travel kit nailpolish


Revolution is here in the manicure's world!

You can now make your manicure anywhere you want : at home or in travel, you can pass through the airport door with our Travel Kit Dieze by TE. Your permanent gelpolish come with you everywhere easily thanks to its handy bag.

With its mini LED lamp, you don't need to go to your nail prosthesist anymore just to do your modifications or put a bit of color on your nails!

Composition : Kit composed with 9 articles that can be stored in a travel bag

- 1 Mini LED lamp

- small roll of cottons

- batch of 10 Krystal Colors clips for the removal of gelpolish

- 1 bottle of Krystal Colors remover (flavor Bubble gum or sweet grapes)

- 1 cuticle pusher

- 1 nail file

- 1 white block

- 1 Krystal Colors gelpolish

- 1 non acid primer

Dieze's advices:

Before the application, prepare well your nails: you must push your cuticles, file your nails and apply the primer on the natural nail.

The application: unfold the lamp and plug it into an USB hub. Apply the gelpolish of the color of your choice. Let each hand rest under the mini lamp during 30 seconds. Catalyze your thumb separately. It's already over!

To remove your semi permanent polish, apply a few drops of remover on a cotton and put it on the nail. Maintain the cottons with the clips. After 3 minutes, remove the cottons and rub the excess with a cuticle pusher or a stick.

65,00 € tax incl.

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