For the moment, the securised payment notice is only available in french. We are traducing it as fast as possible. Any questions? Please feel free to contact the owner by email at

Payment methods

Payment for online orders can be made in two ways:


•  By OGONE 

•  By EU bank transfet
   IBAN : BE53 0016 9297 5453

Upon receipt of payment, your order is processed and you receive a confirmation by e-mail. If we have not received your payment within 10 business days, your order will be automatically canceled. If you wish, you can place an order online again.

Secured Payment

In order to guarantee maximum comfort and optimal payment security, we have chosen OGONE, secure online payment systems guaranteeing the confidentiality of information.
The OGONE payment platform is the best European technology ensuring the protection of your banking information. Your banking and personal data are never in our possession since banking transactions are processed directly by OGONE.

The data related to the personal information and the means of payment are secured by an encryption method (SSL mode). Payment information is never stored on and is securely transmitted to our payment partners.

You can verify that the personal data sent during the ordering process and the payment interface are really secure by checking the following two points (information valid for all secure payment business sites):

  1. The URL begins by https://...
  2. thepresence of the"lock" on the upper right side of your browser