• 19,00 €

    This drill bit for nail smoother is very useful for an irreproachable preparation of the nail and cuticle because with this, you remove all dead skin that could bother the sculpting of your artificial nails. Composition: drill bit with head in diamond. This drill bit is an accessory for any professional nail smoother.

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  • 39,95 €

    This particular drill bit for nail smoother is perfect to make any type of modification on fake nails. It was specially conceived for the filling; it removes fast and easily the too much matter without heating the natural nail. Thanks to this drill bit, you'll spare time because you're going to do your manicure more quickly. Composition: universal drill...

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  • 19,00 €

    For making more easily and rapidly a French manicure, you can use a professional nail smoother with a special drill bit for French. Composition: universal drill bit. This drill bit is an accessory for any professional nail smoother.  

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  • 211,75 €

    This professional nail smoother assure you a perfect and a filing and buffing in no time at all. Plus, the smoother can directly be used for preparing and making corrections to your manicure.  Speed: 30,000 RPM Dieze offers also some special drill bits to buy separately. To prepare well the nails to get a manicure or an application of artificial nails,...

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  • 60,00 €

    This table vacuum cleaner is very practical to hoover all dust and residues that show up when you file the natural or artificial nail. Composition: table vacuum cleaner with a white leather handrest. There is 3 suctions that pick up dust from the filing over the whole length of the hand of the customer. After filing and sculpting the nail of your client,...

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  • 66,55 €

    You’re making a gel nail application? Then you need a UV lamp to cure your nails. Here is an adapted lamp for curing all the gels and gel polishes of our brand. Power: 4 x 9 Watts When you create gel nails, each gel layer must be cured correctly before the construction of the next layer so that the whole artificiel nail will be strong and resist a long...

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The UV lamp is absolutely necessary for catalyzing your gel nails.

The smoother and its drill bits are useful to file and prepare your nail easily and quickly.

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