French Gel

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    The mega white french gel is part of the range of Extreme resist products. Its color is a soft white that’s pretty for all types of manicures. Very stable, it’s used on tips or nail forms after a base gel. Capacity: 15ml or 50ml Color: soft white Composition: gel with fiberglass Fibrous texture Cure 2’ under UV or LED or CCFL lamp Some manicures need a...

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  • 21,78 €

    Our extra white gel is made specifically to draw the nail smile so you can get a perfect manicure on fake nails in the French style! Extremely stable gel, doesn't flow. You can easily work the 5 fingers of one hand before curing under UV. Capacity: 15ml Color: white Cure 2' under UV or CCFL lamp Wishing a French manicure on your gel nails? You can have it...

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The French manicure stay a must in the nail sector. Your clients only swear about it ? Offer artificial gel nail applications with French manicure.

For a perfect French manicure, a white gel is necessary to highlight and emphaze the nail smile. Dieze offers you some white gel tints to create and build fake nails with the shade that fits the exact desire of your clients.

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