Builder gel

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    The extreme resist clear is a monophasic translucent gel that can be used as base gel as well as builder gel. Ideal to work on tips or nail forms, this very stable gel doesn’t flow so it’s a chosen product to thicken the stress area of the nail. With its transparent color, it’s also recommended to repair damaged nails. Capacity: 15ml or 30ml Color: clear...

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    The extreme resist pink gel is very stable so it’s very useful to build nails on tips but also on nail forms. This monophasic gel can be used as base or builder. Its pinky peach color dissolve very well with the cover nude gel, so it will give a very natural look to your fake nails. Capacity: 15ml or 30ml Color: peach pink Composition: gel with...

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    This milky pink builder gel have a very soft and natural finish. It must be used after a base gel which will be a support for the building. Capacity: 15ml or 50ml Color: milky pink Download the color chart Viscosity : liquid Cure 2' under UV or LED or CCFL lamp Pink is an essential color in manicure and nail art. For a "babyboomer" effect on your gel...

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    The sculpting clear gel have a medium viscosity. Very stable, it doesn't flow and is made to create easily your artificial nails. This transparent gel is perfect for covering colored nails and for doing lengthens on nail forms too. Capacity: 15ml or 50ml Color: clear Viscosity: medium Cure 2' under UV or LED or CCFL lamp Gel nails can be rapidly done if...

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As professionals, you must work with the best products to sculpt magnificent gel nails and satisfy your clients. Dieze by TE offers many useful gel items for the building of artificiel nails in gel.

Our builder gels exist in several colors (translucent or pink) and different textures (more or less liquid). You have the choice!

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