Base gel

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    The base gel by Dieze is a must to own to build gel nails. Must be used before any construction step of a fake gel nail. Thansk to its integrated brush, this base gel is particularly easy to use and apply on the natural nail or tip. This gel is very stable and doesn't flow! Capacity: 15g Color: transparent Composition: pot of gel with integrated...

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  • 14,00 €

    You make a gel manicure to one of your client that have weak and/or damaged nails ? Avoid to apply directly gelpolish on nails that aren't in perfect health. For spoiled nails, put on a layer of Strong base (reinforcing base coat) before any application of color gel. This way, it will not damage more the natural nail. Plus, the permanent polish will last...

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You know very well that a base gel is absolutely vital to start an application of fake gel nails so that it can help stick the building gel to the natural nail. Dieze offers you high quality base gel for perfect and long-lasting gel nail application.

With our base gel, a thin layer of product is sufficient to create a suitable adhesion. Our base gels are recommended before any application of gel nails.

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