• Eyelash extension base kit

    Here is a marvelous kit, ideal to begin your eyelashes applications.

  • Natural eyelashes

    We propose eyelashes with different length (from 9 to 15 mm) and thickness (0.15 mm, 0.20 mm or 0.25 mm). We sell sets of lashes in boxes or loose lashes in tiny pots.

  • Cils soie

  • Lash glue

    Because a specific product is needed to make your extensions stick to the eyelids. Our specific glues for lashes are made for causing no damages to the eyes. You'll also find here the necessary products to remove the eyelashes and the glue.

  • Tools & lash accessories

    All you need to create incredible set of lashes and apply them: tweezer, brushes, glue, air blower and magnifying glasses.

  • Eyelash tint

    You want a mascara effect without make up on your eyelashes ?

    It's now possible with lash tinting ! With this technique, your eyelashes will look longer and darker, as if you were wearing eye makeup except it will be natural and stays for weeks.

    Dieze by TE offer a range of products to make eyelash dye in a perfectly safe way. We also have specific eye care you must use during the lash tinting in order to protect the natural eyelashes of your clients.

  • Rehaussement de cils

  • Kit mascara permanent

Dieze By TE widen its activities! In addition to artificial nails, Dieze now propose products to create eyelashes extensions. Day and night, hypnotize everybody with only one look thanks to these incredible eyelashes!

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Applying false lashes
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