Manicure tools

  • Brushes

    To apply your gels or to realize beautiful nail art with much details, on natural or artificial nails.

  • Nail files & buffers

    To smooth and to prepare your natural and artificial nails.

  • Tips & nail forms

    To lengthen your natural nails and apply our fake nails, tips and nail forms are truly essential.

    Dieze offers also all the associated tools to handle, model and cut your nail forms and tips.

  • Manicure tools

    For a complete manicure, brushes are not sufficient! With all our tools, you have all you need to offer a real professional service from alpha to omega to your clients.

  • Machines

    The UV lamp is absolutely necessary for catalyzing your gel nails.

    The smoother and its drill bits are useful to file and prepare your nail easily and quickly.

  • Nails & hands care

    Take care of yourself and your clients. Our treating products for hands and nails are made for you to live a truly moment of wellness after a manicure.

    Offer a real plus to the services of your beauty salon.

  • Agenda

  • Visière en pvc

Discover all our accessories to form, decorate and take care of your nails, natural or artificial.

From tips to brushes, passing by all necessary manicure tools as files and cuticles pushers, Dieze by TE offers all you need to work in real professional conditions.

We also present nail and hand care products so you can really pamper your clients.

Making gel nails
fake gel nails

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Our manicure tools
manicure tools, nail art implements and tools for building fake nails

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Applying false lashes
application of fake eyelashes

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