• 6,00 €

    This air blower can be used to dry the glue or even to help removing a lash that could have fallen into the eye. Composition: plastic air blower with a handy pear shape The application of eyelash extensions is an activity that requires patience and precision. However, you can have a bit more freedom thanks to this air blower. Practical, so essential for...

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  • 12,00 €

    This tweezer is ideal to hold the lash. Composition: metallic tweezer with bended end When you make a fake lash application, you have to use precision tools to place weel the eyelashes. With the lash by lash technique especially, you need to maintain an eyelash to put it on the right place.

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  • 0,80 €

    To isolate the bottom lashes during the application of an extension. Composition: protection patch with collagen With these patches, you can protect the bottom of the eye of your client while you're making an extension on the upper eyelashes.

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  • 5,45 €

    Shelf for the pro black glue and for keeping it liquid Composition: small flat jade stone Use: drop off a bit of pro black glue on the stone. Soak an eyelash and discharge the excess of product before to place the lash among the others. Thanks to the peculier composition of jade, the glue won't dry so you can take your time to apply the false lashes.

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  • 3,63 €

    hypoallergenic adhesive  Useful for holding the collagen patches stick them during an application of fake lashes.

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  • 8,00 €

    Composition: little black mascara type brushes Quantity: batch of 50 brushes To brush your eyelashes and give them a nive curve. And also to put on mascara for sure.

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  • 10,00 €

    These micro-brushes are ideal to apply the glue or the remover on eyelashes. Composition: micro-brush Quantity: batch with many brushes

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  • 4,84 €

    This ring for glue helps you to work more easily thanks to the tiny repository where your can drop off a bit of glue. So you'll work more easily as you have your product near you. Composition: silicon ring with a stand for glue drops For always keeping your glue as closely as possible to you and your client. This ring is simply awesome !

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  • 12,00 €

    Ideal tweezer to isolate an eyelash. Composition: metallic tweezer with a very thin end Thanks to the thin ends of this tool, it's simple to separate and handle an eyelash and so insert it easier into the natural lashes.

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