Color gel & gel polish

  • Color gel by Dieze

    Your clients ask for colored and stylish fake nails? Create something unique thanks to Dieze By TE. We offer a very large palette of tints for coloring your artificial nails.

    In this category, discover our range of basic colors selected by Dieze. There is surely a shade for each of your clients. We have several distinct effects: glitter, metallic, pastel, neon, etc.

    Download the color chart with all our color gels

  • "Cat eye" range

    As nail professional, you must keep yourself informed about every new trends and all innovations in the fake nail stylism sector. Your clients like colored nails? What about letting them discover the latest arrivals in colors and gel with effects?!!

    With the Cat Eye gel and a magnet, create a real "cat eye" effect on your fake nail designs. For a mysterious and completely customized result, use this magnificent gel.

  • "Hypnotic" range

    Dieze by TE offers products that can't be overlooked for nail professionals. Our shop is always following the trends and sells special gels that produce the nicest results.

    With our "Hypnotic" range of products, all your clients will be subjugated by the chameleon effects that are revealed by the Hypnotic gels. For more customization, use it over any classical color gel.

  • "Creamy Nude" range

    For timeless yet super fashion nails, think about NUDE! Dieze by TE knows these vital colors have always much success with the gel nail fashionistas. That's why we just create a brand new range of color gels.

    With their creamy texture, melt with pleasure for these easy-to-build gels with super sweet, soft and natural colors.

  • Gelpolish "Krystal Colors"

    "Krystal Colors" is a revolutionary collection of colored gelpolish. This semi-permanent nail gelpolish can be used on natural or artificial nail (gel or acrylic!)

    With its many shades and the special associated products, offer a quick, yet long-lasting colorization service for your clients. They will love it!

  • "Pasta Paint" Range

    Discover the best of the best for the nail art gel! With the Pasta Paint gel, do easily you nail design on gel nails.

    Coat your fake nails with intense colors and create a very unique nail art!

  • "Precious" range

    Nails shine bright like diamonds

    Discover now our new luxuous gel nail for a glamorous style that's perfect to stand out of the crowd during a party.

    With their shiny glitter particles and their nice reflections, your fingers will catch averybody's attention!

Color gels are like nail polish but must be catalyzed under UV lamp like other gels for building nails. The advantage, compared to classic nail polish, is the long-lasting stability (2 to 3 weeks) without any additional maintenance of the nail. Discover our diverse collections of color gels and gel polish.

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