• Special gel for nail art : the pasta paint gel

    Pasta Paint

    For a nail art very rich in colors, choose the Pasta Paint Gel! This stable very pigmented gel has a great covering power and is perfect for the gel nail art.

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  • Cat eye gel: play with the reflexions of this metallic color gel

    Cat eye

    Let your clients be seduced by these astonishing, elegant and mysterious colors. With its magnetic particles, captivate all the glances.

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  • Hypnotic gel for chameleon gel nails

    Hypnotic gel

    Discover our incredible and vibrant colors that will amaze you ! Create a unique chameleon effect for your gel nails. It's absolutely original!

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  • Creamy color gel - Nude Collection

    Creamy Nude

    The Creamy color gels have a soft creamy and easy-to-work texture. Dieze by TE introduce you our brand new collection of nude tones.

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  • Mirror pigment for sparkling gel nails

    Mirror pigment

    Be seduced by these totally new mirror effect pigments. Discover this palette of colors that will, without any doubt, move your clients. 

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  • 8,50 €

    Discover this range of very unique color gel. If you like diversity and originality, go with the drift of your imagination. The new range of products HYPNOTIC GEL will expand your creativity ! Capacity: 5ml Color: 10 shades available Download the color chart Cure 2' under UV lamp Dieze's advice: After your building, apply a color of your choice and...

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  • 229,90 €

    To start applications of eyelashes extensions, Dieze offers an exceptional kit with all the necessary tools to create fake lashes with much volume and length. With this set, you’ll have wonderful eyes! Composition: - bended & straight tweezers to manipulate eyelashes - special glue & remover with micro-brushes for their application - mascara...

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  • 160,00 €

    You start your activity as a nail prosthesist? If you make gel nails, this kit is made for you! Dieze by TE gathered all necessary items to make gel nails in this starter kit for gel nails. Work as a gel manicure professional. Composition of the gel nail starter kit : Liquids & nail preparators In this kit, there is all you need to prepare the nails...

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Professionals gel nails

ongles femme

Nail art and manicure
with Dieze by TE

Dieze By TE is an acrylic and gel nail line of products for professionals. We also have top of the range products for nail art and false eyelashes. Our brand evolve constantly to garantee you a high quality work and a satisfying customer feedbacks.

Our goal is to help professionals and nail stylists to satisfy their clients by offering them products with a superior quality. Furthermore, we respect all european norms of the sector.

But this is not all yet. Dieze By TE sell exceptional products but we also care to teach you how to use them like a pro. We give trainings in nail application for novice but also for confirmed nail prosthesists. More, we can give custom courses depending on your demands. Just contact us to have further information about us and our products!

Making gel nails
fake gel nails

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Our manicure tools
manicure tools, nail art implements and tools for building fake nails

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Applying false lashes
application of fake eyelashes

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